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The Most Comprehensive List Of College Scholarships

The Most Comprehensive List Of College Scholarships

One of the biggest hindrances to getting a degree is the skyrocketing cost. To help alleviate the issue, we have compiled the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Scholarship list (HBCUgrad Style). We hope you find enormous value in these scholarships. They are separated and categorized already for you. There are many scholarships so please do not be limited to this list. Good luck and good health!


The following are a group of scholarships  that derive from specific institutions or regions exclusive to the offer.  

The Williams Randolph Hearst Foundation Endowed Scholarship found at Savannah State University, the scholarship is for marketing scholars.William Randolph Hearst Foundation Endowed Scholarship SCAD for $16,150-

The Trustee Diversity Scholarship from Williams Marsh Rice University in Houston Texas gives up to $12,000 to students who exemplify certain life experiences


The Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship

First year MBA students pursuing a 2019 summer associate position at Goldman Sachs. Black, hispanic, latino, native american and women are eligible. Cities include atlanta, boston, calgary, chicago, dallas, greenwich, houston, la, miami, nyc, philadelphia, salt lake city, san francisco, seattle, west palm beach and DC

The F. Armstrong Scholarship from Cornell College gives up to $16,000 for FIRST generation American students that exemplify leadership

The Ralph Johnson Bunche Distinguished Graduate Scholarship for Rutgers University School of Law is for graduate students pursuing more education in law. It awards up to $15,000

The Diversity Advancement Program Scholarship for Rutgers University is for the students in the school of Planning and Public Policy. It awards up to $15,000

The Arrupe Scholarship for the University of Scranton is an $11,400 Presidential Scholarship for elite students

The Adler School of Professional Psychology awards up to $10,000 in a renewable account.

The Duracell/National Urban League Scholarship and Internship Program offers up to $10,000 for students at Wilberforce University

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is for those attending Cambridge University and those who prove their leadership and are enrolled in Cambridge University. (

Billeye Suber Aaron Legacy Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for students at Clark Atlanta, Spelman, Morehouse, and Texas College. Minimum GPA is 2.5

The Alice Ware Watson Memorial Scholarship from Arkansas Baptist College gives an unspecified amount based on financial need

The Allen University Presidential Scholarship is for accomplished students http://www.allenuniversity

The Bowie State University Merit Scholarship awards up to $3,000

Central State University offers up to $1,000 to $3,000 for students continuing their education.

The Erastus Milo Cravat Presidential Scholarship at Fisk provides full tuition, room and board, fees and books in this full scholarship

The ETS Presidential Scholarship is for full time HBCU students (

The Shiloh Baptist Evelyn Hider A and B HBCU Scholarship

Must be a Resident of Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia, must be a member of a church or community based organization, must have completed community service hours (minimum of 40 hours), two letters of recommendation (teacher/counselor, pastor/church official, community organization), Official school transcript, Where required, demonstrate financial need of assistance via essay and documentation  

The Presidential Special Scholarship for FAMU

The Presidential Special Scholarship program is a merit scholarship for high school graduates.  These individuals are diverse and have special talents outside of the classroom setting. The scholarship will cover fees associated with tuition, but minus the postal fee and the orientation fee or charges associated with room and board. Students are eligible to receive an award for a maximum of eight (8) semesters.  A student must maintain enrollment in the degree program under which this award was made. Students may not change majors. A student must enroll in fifteen credit hours per semester. Awards are not made during the summer term. Students are seeking initial funding will Earn a standard US high school diploma or its equivalency unless the student completes a home education program or earns a high school diploma from a non-US high school while living with a parent who is on military or public service assignment away from the US. Have 1100 on the redesigned SAT or a 25 on the ACT.  Must earn a 550 on the SAT math section or 25 on the ACT Math subject area. Have a 3.3 FAMU recalculated GPA. Earn a minimum score of 76 on the ALEKS Math exam for Engineering, Physical, Life, Natural and Computer Sciences majors. All others must earn at least a 61 on the ALEKS Math exam. Eligibility for renewal is determined at the end of each semester. For automatic renewal, an award recipient must comply with the policies of the University Scholarship program and the bullets below Enroll in a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester. You cannot drop or withdraw from a course(s) after the official university drop and add period has ended (see University Registrar's calendar). Earn a "C" or better in all courses each semester.  If you do not earn "C" or better in each course, the scholarship will be terminate. Earn a  cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better at the end of each semester. Maintain the academic program at time of admission (you cannot change your major or degree program). Must enroll in degree program required courses each semester (must follow academic map). Validated (submission of verification documents) and completed FAFSA on file in the FAMU Office of Financial prior to January 1. Earn 22 hour of community service at the end of each semester (must be documented in iSTRIKE via the Office of Student Activities). Recipients must participate in scholarship activities (President's Convocation, Scholar's Speaker Series, etc). Freshmen are required to visit the office bi-weekly and to participate in study and tutorial sessions. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are required to visit the office bi-weekly and to participate in study and tutorial sessions. Failure to comply with the above bullets or other policies (see handbook) of the University Scholarship Program will result in the loss (termination) of your scholarship. Loss of schoarship (termination) will not be reinstated at a later date. Freshman year only (cumulative grade point average reviewed at the end of spring semester)


Morris A Esmil Jr. Scholarship is for students attending the University of Colorado Colorado Springs College of Engineering and Applied Science Program. It awards up to $6,000 and the deadline is March 15th. The Colorado Christian University World Changers Scholarship is full tuition for up to 8 semester for students who didn’t attend college. (


The following scholarships are for students that exemplify the characteristics of leadership

The George Washington Carver Scholarship offers up to $15,000 for HBCU students (

The James W. McLamore Whopper Scholarship awards up to $50,000 to grade level, high-school and college students that are leaders.


These scholarships are for the exceptionally gifted, the innovators and the creatives that take interests in the arts, music, dance, video, photography etc.

The Live Mas Scholarship for the dreamers (

The Once Upon a Poem Scholarship is a scholarship for poem writers and performers (

The Vectorworks Design Scholarship awards up to $7,000 for Architecture students

The Young arts Scholarship awards up to $10,000 to students in film, arts, design, music, dance and other arts. Children ages 15-18 are eligible

The Courageous Persuaders Scholarship awards up to  $3,000 to creatives

The AAAS Minority Science Writers Internship are for those that take an interest in writing about science related fields. This is a 10 week summer internship (

The Diversity Advancement Program scholarship awards $15,000 from the scholarship architects foundation

The Vercille Voss graduate student scholarship  awards up to $2,000 for interior design students

The Emerging Voices Scholarship awards up to $2,500 to journalism students


This particular group of scholarships is for the fields and majors that have a special way of making the world work. You guessed it! Science Technology Engineering and Math majors. Disclaimer: Some scholarships are for particular fields and not general STEM.

The Davidson Gifted  Fellowship and Scholarship - up to $50,000

The Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition awards up to $50,000

The Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology is September 19th.

The scholarship program is also a STEM competition with marvelous grand prizes of $100,000 and a second place prize of $50,000 (  The Avomeen Science Student Award is for $1,000 ( STEM Leidos Scholarship UNCF Altria Scholarship Program gives  $7500 to qualifying students. ( The Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology Award Up to $3,000 ( The Development fund for black students in science and technology is willing to give $3000  for STEM majors.( The Department of Defense offers a renewable $15,000 per year for qualifying STEM students  ( The ACS scholars program is for African American Students that have interests in chemistry and chemistry related fields and give $5,000 to students that mer the requirements. The American Association of Black in Energy Scholarhship gives $5,000 to African American students enrolling in accredited colleges or universities in STEM and business fields. ( The Actuarial Diversity Scholarship is a scholarship designed for STEM and Education majors with the amount of $4,000.( AMS Minority Scholarship is for STEM and Science students the amount is $6,000, the next deadline date is February 23 of 2019.. ( The Annie S. Alexander Memorial Scholarship deadline is April 1st of 2019 in the amount of $1,800. ( Fontana Transport Incorporated Scholars Program for students attending school pursuing STEM, language, transportation management, pre-med, language and literature, psychology, architecture. The deadline is March 14th. ( The UNCF Dell Corporate Scholars Program this includes electrical engineering mechanical engineering, accounting, finance, marketing business operations, computer information systems, computer science or software development. (

General Scholarships :

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Program was created for both High-school and Undergrad students with 3 major fields one for the youth, one for transferring students and the last for undergrad students that have financial needs, with the possibility to receive up to $40,000 a year in these renewable scholarships.( The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation gives up to $20,000 ( The AXA achievement scholarship gives a whopping $25,000 scholarship and also $1,000 to the school the student attends. ( The My Future Selfie Entrepreneurial Scholarship gives $10,000 to those of whom take the best business selfie on all of their social media accounts ( The Olshan Foundation Scholarship deadline is $1,000 and their deadline is August 12th! ( The Redfin Scholarship is for those who are influential and ambitious ( The Spirit of Anne Frank Scholarship gives up to $10,00 ( The US Bank Scholarship is a raffle type scholarship that offers $20,000 for first place winners and $5,000 for the runner up ( The UNCF General Scholarship Application is an annual scholarship hosted by UNCF ( Parry and Pfau Left-Handed Scholarship gives you $1,500 for simply being left-handed ( The Jack and Jill American Scholarship Foundation gives ($2500- The Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship MONTHLY essay contest offers the winner $1,000 ( The Buick Achievers Scholarship Program gives recipients up to $25,000 ( The Coca-Cola Scholars Program award up to $1,250( The National Merit Scholarship Program as well as the Gates Millennium Scholarships are prominent scholarships for high-school students. ( The Gates Millennium Scholarship is an essay contest that awards the full amount of any university of their choosing ( The Burger King Scholars Program

( The Vanguard Minority Scholarship is for junior and seniors preparing for college. ( The Amos and Edith Wallace Scholarship for African American Students gives $500, the next deadline is April 13th , 2019. ( The next ALA Lita LSSI Scholarship deadline is March 1st, those interested can receive $2,500, this scholarship is for students interested in finding a career in library and automation fields. ( The American library association spectrum scholarship also has a deadline of March 1st but gives up to $5,000 in awards. ( The Jackie Robinson Foundation for incoming freshman students award in the amount of $30,000 over the course of four years.( The Citizens TruFit Good Citizen scholarship ranges from between $1,500-$10,000 (


Are you Looking to make a Difference and ready to get awarded for it? These scholarships will assist you in completing those dreams. The Dr. Pepper tuition give-a-way contest has grand prizes of  $100,000 and $20,000 for the runner up. ( The Voice of America Scholarship gives up to $30,000 to High School and Middle School students that are actively making a difference in their communities.  ( The Disasters Preparation scholarship for $1,500 (  The Delete Cyber-bullying

Scholarship Award is for $1,000ht (tp:// The Shawn Carter Scholarship is for anyone who vows to help as Shawn Carter Mentor ( The AWWA Holly Cornell Scholarship gives $7,500 for students involved in finding applicable water supplies.( The Better Brothers LA Book Scholarship is a better brothers scholarship for black and LGBTQ youth and gives $1,500( Empower scholarship awards $1,500 for students that complete 200 or more hours of community services. (


The following scholarships are for athletes and students studying multiple aspects of health and wellness. The Ivein Health and Wellness scholarship for example with two due dates August 31st for the fall semester, and December 31st for the winter this scholarship gives the recipient $2,500. ( The Foot Locker Scholar Athlters Program is for U.S. high school students with a 3.0 or higher. The award amount is $20,000( The Ann Liguori Foundation Sports Media Scholarship is for undergraduate women who major in Communications or Journalism but cover sports , and sports health. To be qualified you must live in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York with the amount of $2,500.

( The Salute to Education Scholarship Program in Miami- Dade  and Broward. You must have a 3.0 or higher. The reward is $1,500.

( The Sports Unlimited Scholarship High School seniors college Sophomores with an amount of $1,000.

( Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship is for U.S. High School Juniors with a GPA of 2.5 higher and a reward of $2,000 ( The Big Sun Scholarship is offered to high school seniors and undergrads in the amount of $500. ( The Southwestern track college participation for those active in horse related activities in the amount of $500. ( The Apex Bikes.Com scholarship requires college students to submit videos on bicycles for $1000.( Mike Lnzano Scholarship 2.0 is for those pursuing a higher education in coaching. This particular scholarship is for $5,000. (

The GM Genius is High School Students or between the ages of 13-19


The David J Stern Sports Scholarship Program is offering $10,000 for active athlete students. (

  • The Lawyers:/criminal justice/political science

These scholarships are for those interested in law, and following careers in the criminal fields. The Bud Siegfried Scholarship gives $1,000 to already enrolled students. ( The DAR scholarship for Political Science History Government and Economics, the scholarship gives up to $5,000 (10th- The Annual Diversity Scholarship is giving $15,000 to students first year in law school for minority students. This summers associate law program also gives students a head start to their career and further education. (  Sidney B Williams Jr. Intellectual Property Law in the amount of $10,000 ( The ASA minority fellowship program gives $18,000 to those in doctoral programs in sociology. The ASPA minority fellowship program gives up to $4,000 for students completing a degree in political science.

( The Bay Area Minority Law student scholarship program gives up to $10,000 per year to aspiring black lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area. (


The Helen Brett Scholarship,is for those who are already enrolled in a college or university and are pursuing a career in Management or a management related career. ( The National Forum for Black Public Adminstrators Program is a very focused scholarship that offers $10,000 ( The ACHE Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship application is for African American students that are pursuing careers in healthcare management in this graduate program. It offers $5,000 to those who qualify.  The UNCF/KOCH Scholars Program for Undergraduates for Business majors offers $5,000 to business majors and business related majors.( The Deans Scholarship in Boston University School of Management offers up to $35,000 ( The APA Judith McManus price scholarship offers $4,000 to students practicing planners in the public sector


The following scholarships are a various collection of scholarships with on major common denominator. They are all for women with multiple talents from various outlets, schools, and organizations. Please take time to find the scholarships that best fit you! The Society for Women Engineers range from $1,000 to $20,000 in scholarship funds.  ( The Fort Worth Independent School District Scholarship HBCU is for those who reside in the Fort Worth area and plan on attending a HBCU . The amount is $5,000 it is the Portfolio Project and Mentor Application. ( The Panda Cares UNCF Scholars Program ‘Phase 1’ is part 1 of two phases and can be found on the UNCF website. ( The Pepsi Company foundation is giving the UNCF Bronx Womens Initiative for Women in Bronx NY. Residents can receive up to $5,000. ( The Rackspace minority STEM scholarship program is offered specifically to Texas HBCU women students only offering them the amount of $3,000. ( Ethnic Minority and Womens Enhavement Postgraduate Scholarship for Careers in Athletics for $7,500. ( Jeanette Rankin Womens Scholarship is for women 35 and over ( The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans gives  $25,000 in stipend and $20,000 for tuition. ( ). African American Women the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women award amounts. ( The Dr. Wynetta A. Frzier Sister to Sister Scholarship $500, you must be at least 21 returning to college after education interruptions. ( The Formation Scholarship for African American Women studying creative arts from Berklee, College of Music, Parsons School of Design, Howard University and Spelman College for up to $25,000 per recipient. ( Barbara Odom Wesley Spirit of Achievement Scholarship awards $2,000, the next deadline is for February 17th 2019.( The Forte Fellows Program for only women ( The Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship and the National Women’s Studies Association Graduate Scholarship for women in their masters studying women studies. ( The Aegis Alexander Graham Bell Scholarship gives up to $8,750 (


The following scholarships are for African American and Minority Students ONLY! The Etta Gray Memorial Scholarship gives $5,000

( The Anheuser Busch Foundation is a scholarship for all minority students that have a financial need. The reward is $2,200. ( $2200). The liberty mutual insurance lead liberty scholarship offers $2500 to African American students only. ( EE Just Fellowship in the Life Sciences Phase fellowship is a Life Science Fellowship.  ( The General Hospital Perpetual Trust Fund for African American Students from Greater Kansas City Majoring in Nursing offers $1,000 to qualifying students. ( The African American Network of the Carolinas Scholarship Fund for college bound students from North and South Carolina for STEM majors. ( The Brown and Caldwell Minorit Scholarship program offers up to $5,000( The Ron Brown Scholar Program for African American Highscool Seniors offering $40,000 ( The AmS Minority Scholarship awards $6,000 Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship Program offers up to $1,000- $10,000 ( The D.Arnita Young Boswell Scholarship for African American Students ( The National Society of Black Engineers STEM scholarship for African American Students  offers more than $500,000 in various awards. ( NACME Scholars Block Grant Program Have to be enrolled in a partner university and be enrolled in an engineering program. They give up to $12,500 for up to five years. (

The Significant Opportunites in Atmospheric Research and Science for black students in STEM after completing their second year in college. ( The ESA Foundation computer and video game scholarship for women and minority students in computer and video games with art degrees. ( The RMHC African ANatmerican Future Achievers Scholarship Program must be in range of select Ronald McDonald Charity houses.( The Byron Craig Sessons Scholarship for African American males that plan on enrolling in FSCJ may receive $1,500 ( The Voya Foundation UNCF scholarship for African American Males that are college sophomores and up at UNCF affiliated colleges with a 2.5 or higher GPA ma apply. (

Certain Regions:

The Comerica Charitable Foundation Scholarship offers $2,200 for Accounting and Business majors that live in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, and Texas. ( The Portfolio Project Student Application RICOH Scholarship Program rewards $2,500 to students that live in Oregon and Washington. ( The Delta Air Lines New York Scholarships gives $4,400 to students living in New York ( The Homecoming Scholars Award Program  given by Beyonce, offers $25,000 of a GPA of 3.5 or higher obtaining to universities such as Xavier University of Lousiana, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee and Bethune Cookman University. ( The Michael Amos HBCU Scholarships rewards students that live in Maryland, North Virginia, and the District of Columbia only with an iPad to assist them in their studies. ( The UNCF King Lab Scholarship gives students in Massachussetts $6,000 ( The African American Teaching Fellowship amount varies but can reach up to $15,000 in awards for the Charlottesville and Virginia but the applicant must be in an accredited teacher education program. (

These are the most significant and remarkable scholarships for only HBCU students.

-The TMCF/Lowes Gap Scholarship gives $500- $3100 ( The Dennys Tom Joyner Foundation Hungry for Education Scholarship gives up to $2500 ( The Geico HBCU Tailgate Tour Community Contest gives up to $1,000 for a 1-minute video describing the work you do for your community ( Lexus Verses and Flow HBCU scholarship is a poetry competition and scholarship ( The Walt Disney Company UNCF Corporate Scholarship provides $1,000 ( The H.O.P.E. Scholarship Initiative Award ( is for students that participate in the Twitter HOPE question event. The BASF/ Alfred Chisholm Memorial Scholarship Fund Award up to $2,000 (

The Apple HBCU Scholars Program Amount rewards chosen students up to $25,000 in this scholarship and internship. ( The Delta Community Credit Union HBCU Scholarship is for students attending an HBCU in Georgia only for $2,500.

($2500- The GOG aspiring Writer Scholarship is offering $1,000 ( HBCU Battle of the Brains STEM scholarship and competition offers various amounts based on the rank you acquire in the competition. ( The HBCU Heritage Scholarship is for students attending a university in the D.C., Maryland, and North Virginia areas for $2,000 (

The Carolyn M. Harris HBCU Scholarship is for $1,000 ( The Reverand Dr. Wallace Charles Smith HBCU scholarship is for students with a 3.5 GPA or higher! ( The HBCU Scholarship 2.5 GPA offers to $2,000 to incoming or currently enrolled HBCU students. (

The following scholarships are for Internships Fellowships and Study Abroad, and money to do so. The ABA Diversity Scholarship is for Transportation, Travel and tourism industries. The foundation gives $2,500 to those that qualify. ( The IES Abroad Diversity Scholarship gives an unspecified amount but it is all based on financial need and have various destinations. ( The Anna C. and Oliver C Colburn Fellowship gives $11,000 for those in graduate school that are pursuing degrees in history related fields. ( The Richard A. Freund International Scholarship requires a  gpa 3.25 and offers $5,000 ( The American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Sessions Scholarships offers $5,000 the application deadline is January 15th. ( The Olivia James Traveling Fellowship offers $25,000 to students who pursue a career and PHD in archaeology. ( Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship  offers $6,000-$20,000 in studying abroad and arts programs. ( The Frank Huntington Beebe Fun study abroad music programs deadline is December 15th, and offers up to $15,000 ( Helen M. Woodruff Fellowship is another archaeological fellowship. ( Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship offers up to $5,000( The Nadia Christensen Prize for Translation in the amount of $2,500( The Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship Program for students interested in study abroad and intern abroad program with up to $5,000 in awards. ( The Fullbright Foreign Student Program whose upcoming deadline is coming this october. ( The Carl Albert Rouse Undergraduate Research Fellowship offered by the National Society of Black Physics have numerous programs and outstanding opportunities. (- The  following Lydia Donaldson Tutt Jones Memorial Research Grant that is intended for graduate students for African Americans in education.

-British Chevening Scholarships For International Students deadline is November 15-( . The Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarships in Australia for International Students offers various amounts for those interested. ( The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program for a campus in France gives various scholarships according to financial need and academic success.

( The American School of Classical Studies in Athens  deadline is January on the 15th ( The American Scandinavian Study and Fellowship this fellowship offers up to $23,000 this deadline is November 1st  ( The AICPA Fellowship for Minority Doctoral Students American Institute of CPA’s, if selected you will receive $12,000 ( The Ford Foundation Fellowship programs for the national Academis of Science, Engineering and Medicine gives up to $24,000 annually for 3 years ( Finally, the Boren Fellowship is a language fellowship that offers $24,000 (

This particular group of scholarships is for graduate and students seeking a masters degree. The  Radcliffe Institute Research Fellowship- offers up to $77,500 ( The Levy Scholars Program for graduate students scholarship- $75,000 ( The King-Chavez Parks Future Faculty Fellowship- $35,000- ( The Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Merit Scholarship for  full tuition ( The PIRG Fellowship often gives out $25,000 ( The Academic Excellence Scholarship $25,000 (

The Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones Memorial Research Grant gives  $5,000 studies on African American Success-

( The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program athletes interested in attending a Masters Program -$7,500 NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program. And finally the Lou Hochberg Thesis and Dissertation Awards receiving a range of scholarships at a maximum of $1000


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