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FAMU Grad Launches HBCU Inspired Pop Sockets Business

FAMU Grad Launches HBCU Inspired Pop Sockets Business

If you spend enough time on instagram and within the HBCU world, you’ll see a lot of creative tshirts, hoodies and other clothing. What you won’t find is something that says, “Why didn’t I think about that.” When we came across Aleya Bradley’s new business, HBCUs Pop. They create hbcu themed pop sockets.

We talked and exchanged messages with Aleya Bradley. Ms Bradley was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us below.

What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Aleya Bradley and I'm from Orlando, Florida.

Why did you choose FAMU?

I went on a tour at UF and my tour guide told me to choose the school that felt the like home. I went to Spring Preview in 2013 and instantly knew that FAMU was the place for me. FAMU gave me a second chance even when I had given up on myself and for that I am forever thankful.

Would you recommend an HBCU to others?

I would definitely recommend an HBCU to others. Every day is like a family reunion. You get to be around people who look like, talk like you and sometimes even walk like you. LOL. Although we are an HBCU I feel like we are still a big melting pot of different people that come together as one and we do not discriminate. It also just reminds me of a home away from home. My HBCU gave me friends that turned into my family and that is something you can't replace.

What motivated you to start your business?

I feel like there is a lack of HBCU apparel. We go into WalMart and see aisles of PWI things, but where is our HBCU stuff? Also, this business gives me the chance to tell my story and to make people more aware of HBCUs. It also serves as a reminder that HBCUs will always be POPPIN! Hence the name.

What challenges have you faced?

I think finances was a big challenge. Making sure that I was keeping money organized and together and finding ways to save while still making quality product. I essentially had to find a way to "ball on a budget" while still providing high quality sockets.

What's your goal for the business?

My goal is to reach almost every HBCU. To meet at least one person from every school and to find out what my people want! I want to be able to set an example for those to come after me and to be a role model for somebody in this world.

How can people purchase?

People can purchase by DMing us at @HBCUSPOP on Instagram. You can also purchase on our website.

Where can they find you online?

They can find us on Twitter and Instagram @HBCUSPOP.

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