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7 Interview Tips for Prospective Employees

7 Interview Tips for Prospective Employees

  1. Be Prepared with a Resume

Employers will remind you what you need to bring, only once. It is also important to have an extra copy of your resume even if you apply for jobs online. Be sure to star that email or write down whatever paperwork you have to bring in order to secure your interview.

2. Dress Professionally to All Interviews.

Some employers will not stress about professional dress. However, in order to seem serious about the job, you must be able to look serious about the job. Be sure to follow any and all professional dress code. Here are some tips:

          For Ladies:

  • Never wear sneakers, suede or open toed heels or shoes.

  • Wear a low-cut heel

  • Stick to white or dark colors

  • Stay away from prints and patterns.

  • Wear a dress the touches the knee or slacks without holes.

  • Wear a blazer, long or short sleeves. (Spaghetti straps are not allowed.

  • Avoid excessive jewelry and makeup.

 For Gentlemen:

  • Never wear sneakers, suede or open-toed shoes.

  • Stick to white or dark colors.

  • Stay away from prints or patterns

  • Wear a suit.

  • Stay away from ripped jeans.

  • Wife-beaters should be worn as undershirts.

3. First Impressions are Everything

When you walk into your interview, employers and those who are already employed will count on the first impression. Be cordial, be nice, be yourself, and get to know everyone who is there.

4. Build Relationships

Get to know everyone who is working there, interviewing or even the employer, they can be a gateway into your future career.

5. Be Ready for Your Questions

Before an interview, ask your friends, parents, teachers or professors to give you mock-interviews. This can help to ease whatever nerve you have during an interview because you can feel as if you’ve already done it. You will also be able to have all of your information in the order that you want to say it. Mock-interviews can also help you to communicate who you are to the employers, clearly and correctly.

         6. Answer Every Question

Answer every question and be honest about your answers. This can show that the employer can trust what you have placed in your resume and cover letter.

7. Communicate Clearly

Communication is the key to getting any job or internship. Employers are looking for applicants who are able to communicate to customers at any age. As well as to gain new customers.

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