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16 Side Hustles For College Students

16 Side Hustles For College Students

With an instagram account, a phone and a desire, people have become millionaires. With a youtube account, people have become famous. With an app people have overthrown governments.

The internet has changed how we communicate and make a living. If you have the energy to start a side hustle, it just may change your life.

We highlighted a few side hustles that are good for college students or anyone for that matter. Check it out below.


Shopify is one of the best Content Management Systems that will allow you to sell anything online. If you have a love for something, if you’re passionate about something or have an intimate knowledge about something, you can start a website on shopify and sell whatever you want to sell. You can sell tshirts, courses, home decor, services or anything you want to. Shopify is the best website builder and manager if you want to do anything in ecommerce.


Driving for uber can leave you with more money in your pocket than you started with. If you have extra time and would like to earn some money, uber is always a flexible option.


If you have an open bedroom, couch, condo, apartment or house, you can make money renting your extra space out on Air BnB. People that travel often go on to look for places to stay. You can subsidize your income, make extra income or make a full time income by renting out your extra space.

Social Media Manager

Many businesses have a need to have their social media managed. Oftentimes they don’t have the time or the acument to handle this in house. Therefore, many of them will outsource this to someone outside of their organization. If you love social and have a real understanding of how to communicate in a 2020 world, you can make money by managing businesses, artists or brands’ social media. Start working for free to get a name, then start recruiting paying clients that can contribute money to your personal bottom line.


If you are competent in a subject and can teach, tutoring can be lucrative for you. Middle school, high school and college students need help in various subjects. You can sign up to be a tutor on different platforms or you can run ads on craigslist to drum up business. You can tutor at a school, coffee shop, your place or their house.


Fiverr is now a public company. It is a marketplace that you can offer your services starting at $5. Buyers will pay for services and oftentimes you can upsell them and offer more products or services for more money. Fiverr is also a great place to buy services for your business like logo making, spreadsheet help, virtual assistance, transcription services and much more.

Online Arbitrage

There are inefficiencies within the different markets on the internet. You can buy from clearance aisles at walmart and target and sell on amazon fba. You can pick up items free on craigslist and sell them on facebook marketplace, offerup and letgo. You can buy items at flea markets and garage sales and sell them on ebay. The opportunities are endless if you put the time in and find where the inefficiencies are and trade within the different platforms on the internet. Buying clothes at goodwill and selling them on poshmark is a good hustle.


Becoming an influencer on social is a real thing. If you have a deep knowledge or interest, you can build a community around that interest and monetize it. On instagram, microinfluencers are oftentimes favored over large influencers because they have a stronger connection to their followers. Youtube is also a great place if you love something or you’re an interesting person and decide to vlog. The key is to turn on the camera, start recording, start uploading, stay consistent and have patience. This is a 2-3 year grind before you start seeing real results. The other side is sweet though.

Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats

If you have a vehicle or a bike in some cities, you can deliver for doordash, postmates or uber eats. You’ll probably make $5 per delivery. If you can do 3 per hour and make $100/day. Not bad for a side hustle.

Part-time job

Getting a part time job is not a bad thing. Consistent, steady money is great.

Dog Walk

Dog walkers make money. If you can walk 4 dogs at a time, charging $20 for a 20 minute walk, you can make $80 in 20 mins. Post ads on craigslist and find some clients. If you love dogs, this can be a lucrative side hustle.


Babysitting is tried and true. If you love kids, you can make $500-$1000/week babysitting. Try something like late night babysitting. If parents want to go out for a late eveving, they can drop their kids off to you from 10p-2a. Charge a premium.


Landscaping can pay well. If you have a lawn mower and a truck, you can make money. Charge $40 for a cut and cut 3 lawns per day. If you can do one lawn per hour, you’re making $40 per hour. $120 for 3 hours of work.

Start A Blog

Blogs still have their place. The internet is at scale so everything can win. If you have a subject you’re knowledgeable or passionate about, take 90 days and produce 1 blog post per day of original content. After 90 days you’ll begin to get some traffic if you’ve written quality blog posts. After 6 months you can join the google adsense program and make money off of ads. Its a long process to make noticeable money but it can operate on autopilot once you’re established.

Clean Houses

People always need their homes cleaned and most are willing to pay a premium. Advertise on craigslist that you clean houses, charge $65 for a 1 bedroom, $85 for 2 bedroom and start booking clients. If you’re good your clientele will grow. If not, you will still make money, but won’t grow fast. Taking care of the customer and their wants and needs is the key.

Wash cars

People are always in the market for a cheap hand car wash. If you charge $10 per car, wash 3 cars per hour, you make $300 per day if your customers are tippers. If you love cars and want some money, washing cars is a way to make some cash fast. It’s been a fundraising favorite of youth organizations for decades.

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